About CBME


Message from the Dean


Dear CMBE Students, Faculty, and Alumni,

College of Biomedical Engineering is the newest addition to the 55-year-old Taipei Medical University since August, 2015. CBME is dedicated to cultivate new generation work force for biotechnology industry with both sound biomedical engineering education and internship programs in three TMU-affiliated hospitals. We wish to build in thinking processes of engineers and medical professionals in our students so that they may be able to serve in the healthcare and biotechnology industry with an understanding of clinical needs. CBME features globalization, clinical translation, and industrial collaboration for a multidisciplinary task force to promote welfare of human beings. With these training programs, we expect students to become competitive and productive talents in all branches of biomedical engineering industry.

Biomedical technology is the flagship in Taiwan’s economy development roadmap. Taiwan Society of Biomedical Engineering is actively formulating a board certification mechanism for biomedical engineers. Meanwhile, market for medical devices for the aged and the handicapped will explosively expand as the local and global society rapidly ages. We envision the convergence of both trends will create urgent needs for engineers with solid medical exposure experiences. CBME hosts GIBMTE, GINME, DBME and IPPBME to accommodate domestic and international undergraduates, master, PhD and postdoctoral trainees. We hope the diverse, clinical needs-centered research and educational environment will generate strong growth momentum for Taiwan’s industry of biomedical technology and biomedical engineering research.

Welcome to the family of TMU CBME. Your inputs and contributions are cordially appreciated.

Sincerely yours,